Secure Meaningful Brand Partnerships

Earth in Color’s Creator Ecosystem connects you to values-aligned brands, new audiences, and a dynamic creator community.

Support Brands You Believe In

Share your values, interests, and the causes you’re passionate about. We prioritize aligning creators with brands that share similar values, creating authentic partnerships that resonate with both you and your audience.

All of our partner brands share our ideals for social and environmental impact.

Get Paid What You’re Worth

We believe in transparent and fair compensation practices. You’ll know the deal type and compensation value upfront in order to give you a clear understanding of your earnings and the value you bring to each brand partnership. We will only present opportunities that meet your expected brand partnership value, and not a cent less.

Skip the Back and Forth

Reduce your client management time with our standardized brand deal process. We streamline the flow, from establishing contract terms to making *timely* payments.

Grow Your Audience

Our ecosystem is designed to foster audience growth for creators through cross-promotion to allow awareness and engagement to flow between the brands, our central organization, and the creators providing you with maximum exposure.

Join A Creator Community

Join a supportive community within our ecosystem. Access valuable resources, participate in workshops, and connect with other creators. We’re here to help you enhance your skills and build meaningful relationships within the community.

It’s a Win for People and The Planet

Our mission is to enable healthy, sustainable living for the Black community and beyond. We’ve created this program to connect brands that are doing good with influential creators that help spread the message. In the end, it’s a win for creators, for the community and the planet.

How It Works

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The Creator Ecosystem is launching in early 2024. Join the waitlist for early access to better brand deals with values-aligned brands.