Re-earthing Through Plant and Animal Medicine Symbols 

A Black Virginian explores how spiritual connections to nature are part of the fight for climate justice and healing in community.


To celebrate Black History Month, the Liberated Futures collection explores Black ancestral knowledge, our legacy of activism, and how our history helps us envision healthy, just, and sustainable lives now and in the future.

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Radicle Sounds

Fall 2022

By Earth in Color • 23 songs

Wavy (Interlude) featuring James Fauntleroy by SZA
Water No Get Enemy Fela Kuti
Due West Kelsey Lu
So What featuring Ciara by Field Mob

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A collection of stories that speak to our rich history and connection to the land.

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Editorial note

Welcome to EATS, where we bring you plant-rich recipes and tips for flavorful, sustainable home cooking. Together, we will explore the world of plants, sharpen our kitchen skills, and help create a more just food system. EATS is not about what you can or can’t eat, or what you should or shouldn’t eat. It’s about eating (and cooking) more plants and enjoying every single bite.

Radicle Magazine: Issue 01

An interactive publication inviting you to take root.

In April 2021, we released our first issue of Radicle, a print publication designed to be a medium for your personal germination. It’s the perfect coffee table book with dynamic pages that are waiting to be written on, spattered with sauce, mulled over, and revisited. As you take root, Radicle will be your toolkit, your workbook, your guide, and your companion.

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Earth in Color combines creative storytelling and nature experiences to strengthen and affirm Black cultural connections to the natural world.

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