Letter from the Editor:
Springing into the Next

Letter from the Editor: Springing into the Next Phase
We’ve relaunched! Learn about the evolution of Earth in Color.

Welcome! To say that I’m excited about Earth in Color’s relaunch would be a gross understatement. I don’t think words would do this feeling justice. Today, I am welcoming you into a digital destination—curated for you—for us.

Since 2019, we’ve designed a range of creative offerings—an art festival on a farm, a dinner on the forest floor, and an interactive print publication. Amidst all of our experimenting, pivoting, and refining over the past three years, our mission has remained the same. Our work is to affirm and strengthen Black cultural, spiritual, emotional, and physical connections to the land, soil, and nonhuman world around us. And today, I’m proud to welcome you into a digital community crafted to do just that.

Earth in Color is a creative studio and multi-layered storytelling platform. We bring together the power of our narratives, the joy of cooking (and eating), and the healing of nature experiences that connect Blackness and Greenness. This is much more than just a brand refresh—which I will elaborate on in a future letter because I have much more to say about that. This next phase in our evolution is about cultivating and nourishing community (online and soon IRL). We are carving out a special place in this world that feels like home—a space devoted to joy and play, a space for respite and reimagination, a space to connect to our nature.

This is only the beginning. We’ve arranged the furniture, we’ve painted the walls, and we’ve got the playlist bumping. The only thing that’s missing is you! Your participation and engagement are what will truly make this space our shared home. So, I invite you to join us.

read the stories

Every season, we will publish new stories, recipes, and experiences guided by the tone and rhythms of the seasons and in tune with our collective needs during a specific moment in time. This spring, we are guided by the following words: re-root, re-new, and re-rejuvenate. All of our stories connect and expand on these intentions. For example, writer Teju Adisa-Farrar explores her roots in “The Geographies I’m Made Of,” a beautiful narrative that traces her connections to both West Oakland and Spanish Town, while also speaking to the ways our communities shape and are shaped by our environments. 

try the recipes

This season’s plant-rich EATS recipes and stories are focused on the wonderful world of legumes—a culinary staple and critical aspect of sustainable agriculture. Our Dill Chickpea Spread will be your go-to filling for a sandwich and our Boiled Peanuts will bring you into the flavors of my childhood. This might be a southern thing, but trust me, you MUST try this recipe. You’ll thank me later! 

enjoy the playlist

Throughout the year, we will partner with different DJs to curate the sounds of the seasons. This spring, we’re featuring sound curator, Mo Nikole, (whose performative name is “WOMON”) who will sonically bring you into the season with a playlist that will put a smile on your face and make you want to dance and be outside (even if it isn’t quite warm enough).

There are so many ways to be a part of this space. We invite you to join us in whichever way makes you the most joyous. We are so happy that you are here! Feel free to reach out and tell us what you think, we’d love to hear from you.

In community,
Darel Scott
Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Creative Director

PS. I really mean it. You’ve gotta make these Cajun Boiled Peanuts! You will not regret it.